Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs

When writing, there is a significant reason as to why you should use Word Docs instead of Google Docs. In word, you can press CTRL and S together to save your document. In google docs, it autosaves everything you write. Google Docs uses Wi-Fi so you can access your document in any place that has Wi-Fi, and on any computer. Word Docs pertain only to the computer it is being accessed in, but you don’t need internet to access to work on it. They both have their pros and cons, but there is one significant difference Word has that sets it apart from Google.

When writing in word, you can save your papers and it gives you a feeling of copyright which makes you more attached to it. By consistently saving your papers, it makes you feel adoration towards what you write. It makes you feel like you are writing a masterpiece. Have you ever pressed CTRL and S five times in a row? Just to make sure your paper is saved, and just to make sure the writing you have written is beautifully preserved? The more you save it, the more you love what you’ve written.

The ironic thing is that I’m writing this on Google Docs. I guess that says a thing or two about how I feel about this post. They both have their pros and cons. Word Docs and Google Docs are for two different kinds of people. If you are an aspiring writer, then you should use Word Docs. Consistently saving your writing makes you write beautiful and precious things. They are precious because you feel the need to save everything you write in order to make sure it stays preserved. It’s one of life’s secrets. The only thing better than typing papers on Word Docs is writing on regular paper. There is only one, hard copy in writing so you have to be even more careful to preserve it.

If we write more beautifully when there is more of a risk to preserving it, then one can only imagine how beautiful thoughts are. You can’t capture your own thoughts, so your mind thinks of amazing and wonderful things. Sometimes you try to write down what your thoughts are, but it doesn’t seem amazing once its on paper. It seems even less amazing on a Word Doc, and even less amazing on Google Docs. That is why we have created our own docs. Thought Docs. The user-friendly platform helps you turn your thoughts into a reality. It makes your thoughts just as beautiful as they seemed in your head. Thought Docs.

Thought Docs, also known as TD. We take the S out of STD. The Thought Docs provides a dynamic design space to create your own impression of your thoughts. Thought Docs is coming soon to DVD. This Summer.


This is a quick tip that will help you throughout life: If you are building a resume, use the templates Microsoft Word gives you. They have a bunch of resume templates to choose from so you can choose one that fits you the best! Resumes are tough, and this will help you so much with it so please do use this tip!

Do you want your child to be poly-lingual? Read this article below!

Are you worried your child doesn’t have friends? Do you want your child to get along with the other kids in school? Do you want your child to be able to socialize more? Studies show that if your parents give you a difficult-to-pronounce name or a name with multisyllabic words, you will be more fluent in speaking foreign languages. Children who go through life learning how to pronounce their name will end up strengthening their linguistics in the prefrontal cortex. Children end up training their brain when trying to pronounce their own names.

When they have a full grasp of pronouncing their own name, it actually helps them a lot in life; even when trying to pronounce other people’s names, difficult words, and foreign languages. It also helps children get along with other cultures and traditions. It makes them more accepting of others and will make them socially presentable. People with difficult-to-pronounce names will be more susceptible to a nickname. Children with a nickname have more of a likeability. For example, if your name is Kajikajak, then your nickname would be Kaji. Having a nickname is cute because it’s like having a little name for your big name.

We at Nicke (pronounced Ni-Key) have created a multisyllabic-cultural name generator.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, you input the sex of the to-be-named baby.
  • Then, you input cultural preferences.
  • After that, you can pick the number of syllables you want your baby to have.
  • Finally, the generator will create a select list of names that pertain to your choosing.

We also offer a dynamic design space to mix and match skin colour with cultures to create names that would fit a baby’s skin tone, environment, etc. Parents can digitize pictures of their baby and have names generated for them. It’s almost like creating a Bitmoji for your baby’s name! We at Nicke (pronounced Ni-Key) have invented the new, hip, and successful way to name babies. Join us here at Nicke (pronounced Ni-Key) and sign up today!


Kinky Fridays!

Woohoo! Oh yea! Kinky Fridays! Let’s get it on baby! Too much! Oh it’s not really that exciting calm down guys, calm down. Let’s get started. Also, I’m going to be introducing a new concept of kinks today. I’ve been giving hints about it in other posts, but today is where I make it official.

Kink #1: Okay so there’s something about a girl with a low voice that gets me. And if that girl has a lower voice than I do, then Adam must be a girl’s name. I don’t really know why, but a girl with a low voice is just super hot. Hotter than cookies fresh baked from the oven or 45-minute mac n cheese! I guess it’s just like dam, they’re so mature they could take care of me. But anyways, the lower the voice=the hotter the girl.

Kink #2: Now let’s talk about robots for a second. Robots have a monotone in their voice when they speak, but it’s annoying because it’s a robot. If a girl has a monotonous voice, you can say goodbye to Siri because I don’t want any other robot. Also say goodbye to GPS. A girl with a monotone in her voice is just too cool for school, because she could be a professor. It’s like you’re talking to a sexy robot, that’s also a human. It’s so wicked.

Kink #3: Have you ever talked to a girl, and she seemed to avoid you or not care about anything you say? Those girls are prime for ribbing. If a girl can be super nice to me and tell me she loves me and all that awesome stuff, and then turns around and becomes all female-doggy to everybody else, that stuff is so scorching. And if she can be like that behind my back, that’s even better! It’s like the perfect Disney girl meanie.”

“Kink Combination Special Move Go!” : Kink#1 + Kink#2 + Kink#3 = Kink Combination #1!

Kink Combination #1: Just imagine! A mean girl with a low voice that’s also monotone! Oh my goddess! I can’t even begin to express what I would do if I saw that happen in front of me. Just imagine a balloon that’s about to pop. That’s all I can say.

Kink #4: Okay so I like a skater girl. I wish it was something you could find at Stater Bros, but that was a bad joke so let’s move on. Roller Skates and skateboards! They both count! I especially like skateboards though. If a girl can ride a skateboard, she’s cooler than me! I set the bar pretty high up for being cool so that’s a big compliment. Also, she would be your typical snow-skater if she had long hair and wore a beanie while skateboarding, which by the way is also super hot. Also also, if she can grind on a rail, then I’ll let her do the same to me! 😉

That’s all for tonight folks! Happy Friday and good night! 🙂

Kinky Fridays… On a Saturday!

I haven’t posted in a while, and I’ll tell you why. If I kept blogging just because my viewers wanted me to, then they would be controlling me. I don’t want this website to control me, and I’m only going to blog when I want to. That said, after a couple of personal requests to post a Kinky Fridays, I’m back for some more! So let’s get rowdy! Kinky Fridays! Oh yeah!

Kink #1: Okay so vampires are really crazy. Everything about them is so cool. Now imagine a vampire, but in girl form! Vampire girls are so crazy hot it’s not even fair. If you watch Scooby Doo! And the Legend of the Vampire, the vampiric band of girls are a good example of what I mean. I especially like the lead girl in the band, but that may just be stardom fandom. Just imagine! Opening the blinds would kill her, so you always have to stay in a dark room and you have to use methods other then sunlight to see. Maybe candles? Now that’s romantic. If I saw a vampire girl, I’d let her bit me… and suck my blood. 😉

Kink #3: Also, if there was a girl made out of cinnamon, and she put her hair in a bun, then she would have a cinnamon bun. And let me tell you, I would eat that thing left right and center. I love cinnamon buns. I want to create a cinnamon bun cologne for guys, but now I’m thinking of making it a perfume for girls. If girls smelled like cinnamon buns, I don’t know what I would do. I think I would have to take some pain killers for my heart. And I don’t know if this falls under the same category, but have you ever seen a Kentucky Derby Beauty pageant? Well you should. That’s all I’m going to say.

Kink #4: So you know how normally a girl’s eyelash will fall on her cheek, and then you’ll put it on your finger and ask her to blow it to make a wish?  So the craziest thing is when a girl does that to you! If my eyelash fell on my cheek, and my girl put it on her finger and told me to blow it and make a wish, here’s what I would do. I’d wack the eyelash off her finger and tell her she’s everything I wished for. I don’t know about you, but for me that’s like kinkception right there.

Kink #5: So if I’m working at a desk, and I’ve got my laptop on my desk and I’m sitting in a chair, this is the craziest thing that could happen. A girl would sit next to me, but here’s the twist. She would sit on the table! And she would talk to me while facing me. It’s pretty difficult to picture. I wish this was a vlog, because then I could show you exactly what I mean. Bleh. Maybe I should..

Kink #2: Hey there guys! I’m kink #2! You might’ve thought I wasn’t there, but I actually wanted to be after kink #5. Just because I felt like tricking you! Ha! Gotcha! Anyways, when a girl shows her shoulders, I’m taken. I might as well resign for being a person and become a freckle instead, because I would love to live on those hills.

Kink #6: So when a girl dyes her hair silver or pink, or both, it’s so cool. If a girl had silver and pink hair, that would be so sick! I think that when someone has silver hair before they turn their age, it looks badbutt! Maybe it goes back to the vampire thing, but I’m not sure because if a vampire had silver hair they would be killing themselves. Because silver.. Anyways, if a girl had silver hair, that would be gold!

See you next time! 🙂

P.S. Vampire-Zombie girls… I can’t even.


That one Day of Stella

So today my friend was talking to me and he told me about how he was having some problems. It came up while we were chit chatting. He told me he was depressed, and I consoled him a little. But then he said he’s not depressed anymore, but if you weren’t depressed then you wouldn’t bring it up. There wouldn’t be a need to. That’s what I think. So he’s still depressed, and he told me he had no one to talk to even though I’m his friend.

So make sure your friends know that they can talk to you when they are depressed. Be an outlet for them and their frustration and anxiety. It will help both of you grow and evolve.

Kinky Fridays!

Woohoo! Kinky Fridays! Woohoo! Let’s go! I’m really sick so I’m not as enthusiastic as usual. Without further adieu, let’s begin!

Kink #1: Okay so I really like to play games! Games are so fun to play because they make you happy! And I also like it when girls wear dresses because they look so pretty in them. So basically my girl would wear a checkered dress on game day, and then I would play chess on that dress. And the chess pieces would be made out of white and dark chocolate! Wow that would be so cool. Also, greatest idea ever. A fruit roll up dress! That would be so cool! Sour flavored.

Kink #2: Okay so this is a weird kink, but is it really? You tell me. Being an actor, I really like to role play. So basically I want my girl to dress up like a patch of grass. That’s right! A patch of grass! And then I would dress up like a cow. Maybe a buffalo, but I think I want to dress up as a cow. And then my girl would tell me to graze her! I think the blades of grass should be made of chocolate, but I’m not sure. Maybe candy. Role playing is something different. It really is. That’s what super heroes do. It must be fun being a super hero.

Kink #3: I don’t like to drink, but I do like my kinks! Actually I don’t know if I like to drink or not, but I’ll find out later. Anyways, when a girl forgets to put on contacts and wears glasses instead, it’s super cute! It’s almost like where did this book worm pop up from? The ground? Glasses on girls are super cute. I call it GOG. Glasses on Girls. I’d rather have a girl wear glasses than have her contact info. Not really because they look cute either way. And don’t even get me started on girls with monocles! That stuff is broken.

Kink #4: Remember when you used to play with your food as a baby? And you were really messy? I like it when a girl eats messily. ‘Cause why eat so old-fashioned when you can mix it up! That tells me that she’s a wild one! It tells me that she is up for anything and down to do anything. I mean that’s why I eat messily. If guys like it when girls eat messy then I think girls will like it when guys eat messy. Not the soccer player, the food.

Kink #5: I don’t like socks that stink, but I do like my kinks! Anyways, I really like it when a girl wears toe socks. If you don’t know what that means, they’re just socks that cover your toes. You could also roll up your socks to make them look like toe socks. It looks like a little hat for your foot! They’re so cute! Toe socks are just really hot. Well they keep you warm, but they’re also hot. Toe socks. I want to create them one day. That’ll be a momentous day in society. I think I’ll call them Tip Toe socks. And that leads us to the second part of this kink, which is tip toe! When a girl tip toes because we’re playing hide-n-seek, it’s literally the most flaming thing ever! Hotter than Flaming Hot Takis.

That’s all for this week’s kinks, tune in next Friday for more! 🙂

Weird Day

Hey! Long time no post! I’ll start posting more regularly, I was just being weird.

Okay, so today I was in Econ class and as usual it was boring because our professor doesn’t engage the class with activities. So I ended up day dreaming as usual. I was sitting in the middle of a desert, and I was drinking water. But suddenly, all the sand around me got washed in by the ocean. So I was sitting on a patch of sand, surrounded by water. I was on an island. And then I woke up from day dreaming.

Also, there’s this girl called Anastasia. I kept calling her anesthesia, so she didn’t respond. That was funny. One’s a drug, and the other is a beautiful human being inside and out.

Drapes and Rugs. If you switch the D, it makes Drugs and Rapes. Weird.

Also, my favorite animal is a Zebra. I’m not exactly sure why, but it just is. I just find it really amusing somehow. To be fair, I find almost everything really amusing. Okay, so my friend recently went through a break up, and I thought of this awesome line to describe how she feels.

“There’s an earthquake in her heart; the guy is the fault line, and she is the epicenter.”

Also, I want to stress the fact to be yourself as much as possible. A week ago, I asked seven girls to go out with me on Valentine’s day hoping at least one of them would say yes, but all of them actually said no. It was the worst! Being rejected seven in a row really sucks! But you know what, I didn’t run away from my emotions. I tried to experience it, and yesterday something just happened. I don’t know why or how, but I just got so much more confidence. I feel like I could get rejected by a hundred girls and still be fine with it.

It’s like that feeling you get when you go through puberty and you feel practically invincible. Like if a car hit you, you would be fine. You wouldn’t be worried about anything, and you just felt so empowered. Or at least that’s how I felt to a smaller scale. It feels like it’s coming back to me. Because my jumping ability has gotten worse from eating lots of junk food and not exercising, but today I could jump really high compared to yesterday. I just don’t know.

See you next time! 🙂

Kinky Fridays!… On a Saturday

Okay so let’s go! I didn’t post this on Friday because I was having so much fun I didn’t want to stop having fun so I could write a post on my blog. So I’m just writing it on Saturday instead! But let’s get started!

Kink #1: Okay so let’s say I’m eating pie, just because I like to eat pie. And I’m with my girl, and while eating some pie I accidentally get some pie on my face. Specifically under my lip. So then the girl would lick it off by kissing me, kind of like a puppy! So then once she eats the pie off my face, I would just bury my entire face in the pie! 😉

Kink #2: I want to caress my girl’s hair while she’s looking at random things in a store, and then she would turn around while holding a “Don’t Touch” sign! Then I’d give her a huge nug! Also, if you don’t know what a nug is, it’s basically a nuzzle hug. I call it a nug.

Kink#3: Handcuff hugs! Yes! Okay so this is awesome. This is one of my most favorite things ever! Basically I wear handcuffs and then I go and hug a girl! And then we just hug for a really long time and cuddle and everything. Wow that’s like a mother-fudging fantasy! Oh my goddess that’s just too much I’m going to explode!

Kink #4: Okay so this is one of my really mean and rude kinks. Sorry to all of you who think it’s rude. But basically, I’d want to trip my girl while she’s walking and have her fall into my arms. So obviously I’m going to catch her, but she’ll be surprised and everything.

So obviously it’s okay if my girl can’t fulfill all of my kinks, but if she can do at least fifty of them that would be perfect! Or a hundred, it really doesn’t matter to be honest. Also, just a quick thought, I would love to fall in love with a beautiful blind woman. Just imagine. She could read my body like braille. Wow, loving a blind woman would be such an interesting experience. If I was blind, I wonder if I would be good at loving someone. Maybe you’re supposed to love someone like you are blind, because it doesn’t matter what’s on their outside but what’s inside that really counts. I guess this leads to another kink then.

Kink #5: I guess that means I want to be blindfolded when I’m with my girl. I think that’s what loving someone blindly could mean. Selfless, blind love. And wow, if I could handcuff hug her while being blindfolded, that would be the dream! So that’s it then. Being blindfolded and handcuffed at the same time with my girl would be the best thing ever! 🙂

Also, I’ve decided that my posts are now going to be whenever I want them to be because that way I can get good content and not stretch things. So I will post regularly, but I don’t want to stretch it and give bad content to my readers and also to myself. Only if I feel like blogging about something I will, and then Kinky Fridays are always a must! 😉

See you next time! 🙂



Insects and Stuff!

Okay so let me tell you about this awesome insect. So a year ago, there was an insect found in the UK. Here’s how it works! So basically, the insect has gears in its legs! And what it does is it synchronizes its legs when it jumps! And then a super small insect the size of a pea jumps like six and a half feet in the air! I mean how crazy is that! It is so ridiculously crazy!

So it is weird because biologically, nature created its own machine! How amazing is that?! Just ponder about it, because it is actually scary. If you think about it. I have a french test to study for so I’m keeping this short.

Also, it is important to be yourself as much as possible!

See you tomorrow! 🙂

Apples and Doctors!

Okay today I want to talk about our society. But in just one interesting aspect about it. So when you see something or smell something or taste something, you immediately form an opinion about it. Forming an opinion about something and judging something is completely different. If you don’t let your opinion affect the way you treat a person or a food, then that means you aren’t judging it. If you let it sway the way you act, then you are judging it.

But here is what I really wanted to get at. This is what’s really terrifying. The more you look at something, the more it will feel normal. If you see someone reading a book upside down, at first it’ll be a little surprising. But after you see that same person read upside down every single day for a month, it will eventually be normal. And when it becomes normal, that means you’ve learned to accept that upside down reader for who he is.

I’m pretty sure that lots of things you think are normal were once extremely weird, so we shouldn’t run away from weird things or people. We should just learn to accept them because eventually they will be normal. Also, everything in this world needs affection. Nobody in this world doesn’t want someone to love them. Everybody needs somebody else, it’s just the way we work. Also, so many people are sick! Just remember that sunlight and orange juice go a long way. And remember the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away but if the doctor is handsome keep the apple away.”

See you tomorrow! 🙂